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When the NFL's Washington Sentinels goes on strike, the team's owner, calls former NFL coach Jimmy McGinty out of retirement to coach a rag-tag team of replacement players to finish the season's last four games. Stage left Shane Falco the team's captain for the duration of the season is forced to shape up the misfit players whom include convenience store guard, gangster rapper brothers, former sumo wrestler, a Welsh "football" player called "The Leg", a deaf player, a convict on a work-release program, and a tough SWAT leader. Meanwhile Falco strikes up a possible romance with the team's cheerleading captain Annabelle Farrell.
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Think of sports-based films made in India and visuals of lagaan and chak de india flash across your mind. Will Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal fall in the same league as these immensely popular flicks, is one vital question that crosses your mind as the reels of UTV's new sport-based film [their second this year, after HAT TRICK] Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal are about to unfold.

Goal is a simple story that packs not just the sport, but also dabbles with issues like racism and fanaticism associated with this sport. Issues that Westerners can relate to more than Indians, especially racial discrimination.
As a film, Goal has its share of highs and lows. If the first hour is strictly okay, the pendulum swings in its favour in the second hour -- in the last 20 minutes, to be precise. The sport succeeds in arousing patriotic feelings, besides involving the viewer in the fight-to-finish finale.

Conversely, there are times when you feel that the film falls back on the predictable, tried-n-tested mundane stuff. And packs in something ['Billo', the song] that's just not in sync with the mood of the film.

To sum up, Goal is a simple story, well told. Notwithstanding the hiccups, this film hits a Goal, courtesy its brilliantly executed finale.

Southall United Football Club is facing its deepest crisis ever. Bankrupt, with no stars, no coach, no sponsors, no takers, no spectators and most importantly, no owner. After the City Council sends an eviction notice, it's the last chance to save the ground, the club and their honour. Shaan [Arshad Warsi] takes up the challenge to save the club from extinction. After a disesteemed ex-player, Tony Singh [Boman Irani], joins them as the coach, Shaan and he begin work to gather the worn out team.
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Beowulf is a 2007 animated epic film directed by Robert Zemeckis, a film adaptation of the Anglo-Saxon epic poem of the same name. It was filmed using a special technique of motion capture similar to that used in Zemeckis' The Polar Express. The film stars Ray Winstone, Anthony Hopkins, Robin Wright Penn, Dominic Keating, Alison Lohman, John Malkovich, Crispin Glover, Brendan Gleeson, and Angelina Jolie. It was released in the United States on November 16, 2007.

While some of the film remains true to the poem Beowulf, certain elements were created specifically for the screenplay. Deviations from the original work include portions of the dialogue, the portrayal of Hrothgar, the perceived hedonism in Heorot, the span of time before Beowulf fights the dragon, Grendel's motive for attacking Heorot, and the relationships between Beowulf and Wealtheow, and Beowulf and Grendel's mother.[1]

This adaptation of Beowulf tells the story of a Heroic Geat who travels over seas to come to the aid of Legendary but drunk King Hrothgar to help rid the people of Heorot of the monstrosity known as Grendel. But by defeating Grendel he incurs the wrath of Grendel's evil yet seductive mother, without any scales and claws. Told to kill the mother by Hrothgar, Beowulf enters her cave and becomes the latest victim in a century old tradition of deceit and destruction that has sentenced many kings and their kingdoms to misery and death.

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Plot Info:
After the death of his parents during World War II, young Hannibal Lecter moves in with his beautiful wife and begins plotting revenge on the barbarians responsible for his sister's death.
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Bees rarely fly in a straight line. They hover and zigzag, with a purpose known only to the collective brain of the hive. The most genuinely apian aspect of “Bee Movie,” DreamWorks’ new animated movie about, well, bees, is that it spends a lot of its short running time buzzing happily around, sniffing out fresh jokes wherever they may bloom. There is a plot — the usual big, elaborate story with the usual important messages about saving the planet, living together in interspecies harmony and believing in yourself — but it’s a little beside the point. The real fun is the insect shtick.

The DreamWorks Animation formula, exemplified in the mighty “Shrek” franchise (and imitated by would-be rivals at Sony and Fox), is to charm the children with cute creatures and slapstick action while jabbing at the grown-ups with soft, pseudosophisticated pop- cultural satire. “Bee Movie,” directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner and animated by several hundred industrious drones, pushes this strategy almost to the point of dispensing with the kid stuff altogether.

There are a few splendid cartoon set pieces — including a funny, thrilling bee’s-eye tour of New York, from Central Park flora to the surface of a tennis ball to the inside of a speeding car — that show off the latest computer animation techniques. But most of the film’s creative energy is verbal rather than visual, and semimature rather than strictly juvenile.

Which is hardly surprising. As everyone knows by now, the leading man (and one of the screenwriters and producers) is Jerry Seinfeld, whose sitcom, almost a decade off the network air, lives on in syndication and in the endless recycling of memorable one-liners by a certain type of pathetic Gen-Xer. (Not me, though. I’m the complete opposite of every film critic you’ve ever met. I’m the master of my domain.)

Mr. Seinfeld provides the voice and attitude for Barry B. Benson, a young bee who has reached the stage in his accelerated bug lifestyle when he must choose a career. The hive where he lives is a highly regimented place, where the bees, conditioned by 27 million years of evolution, work without a break in the same job for their whole lives. Visually, this world resembles a sweet, sunny, corporate version of Fritz Lang’s “Metropolis.”

Barry’s nerdy pal, Adam (Matthew Broderick), accepts his drone future as part of the natural order of things, but Barry is a maverick, an individualist yearning to break out of the conformist world of the social insects.

He may also remind some viewers of Benjamin Braddock, the alliteratively named hero of “The Graduate,” a film that “Bee Movie” cites in a few amusing scenes. Not that Barry has an affair with a middle-aged mama bee (all bees are children of the queen, a biological fact the film notes only in passing). Instead he flies even farther from the nest, so to speak, falling in love with an actual human being, a Manhattan florist named Vanessa who speaks in the irresistibly sweet voice of RenĂ©e Zellweger.

When you stop to think about it, the prospect of romance between a bee and a person raises some potentially awkward, not to say physiologically outlandish, questions. But of course you’re not supposed to think about it. The moral of the story — one of them, anyway — is that we and the bees are interdependent and that we should respect their hard work.

This lesson is satirically driven home in a courtroom plot that erupts just as the love story starts to get sticky. When Barry discovers that honey is sold in supermarkets, and that it is harvested from captive bees held in smoky, shoddy fake hives, he sues the human race, going after some of its notorious bee abusers. These include Ray Liotta, who sells his own brand of honey, and Sting, whose name is obviously offensive to bees. (Both celebrities make cameo voice appearances, as does Larry King, playing a character called Bee Larry King. It’s funnier than it sounds. Or maybe it’s exactly as funny as it sounds.)

Even when playing an animated bee, Mr. Seinfeld does not demonstrate great emotional range. His comfort zone as a performer ranges from peeved to perplexed to moderately psyched, with occasional bursts of obvious exaggeration to indicate that he is at least aware that more intense states of feeling exist. But his detachment works in the movie’s favor by defusing its sentimental impulses.

Perhaps because of its star’s background in stand-up comedy, “Bee Movie” makes overt a conceit that is usually left implicit in animal-kingdom cartoons, namely that species is the cartoon version of ethnicity. Barry and his tribe are not just bees. They identify as “Beeish” — I’m sure “Benson” was something else back in the old country — and worry about their children dating wasps. On his travels Barry meets a mosquito who speaks in the voice of Chris Rock and who refers to his despised and misunderstood brethren as “bloods.”

These riffs on identity politics, a durable if sometimes risky source of humor in American pop culture, give “Bee Movie” an extra fillip of comic vitality — the hint of a sting, if you will, in an otherwise soft and fuzzy entertainment.

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The sameness of everyday life sometimes breeds discontent and Garfield is bored with his life in Cartoon World and sick and tired of reporting to work at the Comic Strip Studio every day with co-workers Wally, Billy Bear, Randy Rabbit, and Bonita. When Odie accidentally drops his bone through a patch in the screen that separates the realm of Cartoon World from the Real World, Garfield impulsively decides to dive headlong into the land of hot dog vendors with little regard for his girlfriend Arlene or owner Jon. Followed by the ever-bumbling Odie, Garfield's initial excitement quickly dims at the prospect of dumpster diving for food scraps and spending the night in an old leaky building. What's more, the neighborhood cats don't believe he's the real Garfield from the funny papers and Garfield knows that now that he's entered the real world, he can never return to Cartoon World. When the local newspaper declares its intention to replace the Garfield comic strip for good, Garfield realizes the enormity of his mistake and begs his Cartoon World co-workers to somehow find a way to bring him and Odie back to Cartoon World before their strip is permanently cancelled. This completely CGI animated full-length Garfield movie is a marked departure from the previous two live-action CGI animated movies (Garfield the Movie and Garfield--A Tale of Two Kitties) and has a distinctly unique look that utilizes three-dimensional character modeling against a seemingly flat background that looks like good video game graphics crossed with a colorful comic strip that's somehow been inflated.
File : 697 MB (697 MB), duration: 1:17:50, type: AVI, 1 audio stream(s), quality: 61 %
Video : 447 MB, 804 Kbps, 23.976 fps, 624*336 (16:9), XVID = XVID Mpeg-4
Audio : 249 MB, 448 Kbps, 48000 Hz, 6 channels, 0x2000 = AC3, CBR

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Annie Wilson (Cate Blanchett) possesses the gift of psychic powers and supports herself and her family by reading the cards to neighbours who want to know what the future may hold. When the wealthy, beautiful, and sexually promiscuous Jessica King (Katie Holmes) goes missing, her bound and ravaged body begins to haunt Annie through her visions. When the murder investigation becomes short on leads, the police are forced to turn to Annie's special powers for help. The supernatural becomes terrifyingly real when Annie's gift becomes her only hope to stop the killer before she becomes the next victim.



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SRk,the producer, is thrilled that Om Shanti Om has done well. He says, “So far, it"s the biggest hit of my career. Just the sheer number of prints will make it one of the most successful films. The initial feedback to the film is absolutely stunning all over."

Shahrukh is not comfortable discussing figures, “To be honest, as a producer, I never give out money reports etc, but suffice it to say it is 10 times better than I expected or even more.

All collection reports for weekends given by anyone before Monday are just projections; because as everyone knows, the weekend is not over till Sunday"s over. Eros"s (the distributors) initial estimate indicate 80 crore but they are working on collating the data since it was a long Diwali weekend and distribution data is just pouring in. It"s not about 80 crore this year 80 crore has never been collected in India ever for any film!"
The overseas collections are also huge. SRK adds, “The collections in UK which one can get from EDI on the net, are over half a million pounds till Sunday evening in USA about 1.5 to 2 million dollars. I am expecting the film to run with even more prints from Tuesday onwards and have the same run for 2 weeks at least, because OSO is huge! Also our figures are not out because it"s taking time to count. Ha! Ha! Ha!"

That"s the sound of King Khan laughing all the way to the bank.
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Audio launch of Kalloori on Nov 9th,Maniratnam, A R Rahman,  Bharathiraja, Balu Mahendra, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachan, Venkat Prabhu, Simbhu Devan, Radha Mohan,Ameer, Balaji Sakthivel, Tamanna, Akhil, Hema, Balamurugan, Rajeswari, Maya Reddy, Arun Kumar, Sailatha, Prakash, Kaadhal, Kadhal movie

Starring : Akil, Thamanna
Director : Kadhal fame Balaji Shakthiwel
Music by : Kadhal fame Joshua Shridhar
producer: Director Shankar

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Files are in RAR Format.....Extract and Listen to the songs......

Director Balaji Sakthivel is trying to recreate the success of ‘Kaadhal’ in his new film ‘Kalloori’.Tamanna is the heroine of this movie and newcomer Akhil is the hero.Apart from the hero and heroine, others who would create a stir include newcomers Hema, Balamurugan, Rajeswari, Maya Reddy, Arun Kumar, Sailatha and Prakash. The cinematographer is also a newcomer. Chezhian is popular in literary circles.

Director Shankar has launched his own audio company ‘S.Music’. S Music’s first venture is Kaloori, by Balaji Sakthivel who is trying to recreate the success of ‘Kaadhal’. The audio of Kalloori was released by Maniratnam and the first copy was received by A.R.Rahman.

Parthiban was the anchor for the show. The lead pair of Kaloori movie Akil and Tamanna, along with the music director Joshua Sridhar were present in the function.

Kalloori Movie Audio Launch Gallery

Kalloori Tamil Movie Audio Launch Gallery, Kalloori Audio released, Balaji Shaktivel, Shankar, AR Rahman, directors, Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu tamil movie news, hot stills, picture, images, gallery tamil, movie, news, hot image, gallery, review, preview, Tamil trailers, Tamil videos, Tamil mp3, Tamil actress,Tamil actors, Tamil movies reviews,Tamil movie reviews,Tamil movie previews,Tamil songs, Tamil music, Tamil top 10, Tamil movie gallery,Tamil mp3,bakthi,Tamil films,latest Tamil movies,Shankar, Sivaji, Ameer, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Yogi, AR Rahman, Balu Mahendra, Mani ratnam, Balaji, Shaktivel, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu

Kalloori Tamil Movie Audio Launch Gallery, Kalloori Audio released, Balaji Shaktivel, Shankar, AR Rahman, directors, Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu tamil movie news, hot stills, picture, images, gallery tamil, movie, news, hot image, gallery, review, preview, Tamil trailers, Tamil videos, Tamil mp3, Tamil actress,Tamil actors, Tamil movies reviews,Tamil movie reviews,Tamil movie previews,Tamil songs, Tamil music, Tamil top 10, Tamil movie gallery,Tamil mp3,bakthi,Tamil films,latest Tamil movies,Shankar, Sivaji, Ameer, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Yogi, AR Rahman, Balu Mahendra, Mani ratnam, Balaji, Shaktivel, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu

Kalloori Tamil Movie Audio Launch Gallery, Kalloori Audio released, Balaji Shaktivel, Shankar, AR Rahman, directors, Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu tamil movie news, hot stills, picture, images, gallery tamil, movie, news, hot image, gallery, review, preview, Tamil trailers, Tamil videos, Tamil mp3, Tamil actress,Tamil actors, Tamil movies reviews,Tamil movie reviews,Tamil movie previews,Tamil songs, Tamil music, Tamil top 10, Tamil movie gallery,Tamil mp3,bakthi,Tamil films,latest Tamil movies,Shankar, Sivaji, Ameer, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Yogi, AR Rahman, Balu Mahendra, Mani ratnam, Balaji, Shaktivel, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu

Kalloori Tamil Movie Audio Launch Gallery, Kalloori Audio released, Balaji Shaktivel, Shankar, AR Rahman, directors, Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu tamil movie news, hot stills, picture, images, gallery tamil, movie, news, hot image, gallery, review, preview, Tamil trailers, Tamil videos, Tamil mp3, Tamil actress,Tamil actors, Tamil movies reviews,Tamil movie reviews,Tamil movie previews,Tamil songs, Tamil music, Tamil top 10, Tamil movie gallery,Tamil mp3,bakthi,Tamil films,latest Tamil movies,Shankar, Sivaji, Ameer, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Yogi, AR Rahman, Balu Mahendra, Mani ratnam, Balaji, Shaktivel, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu

Kalloori Tamil Movie Audio Launch Gallery, Kalloori Audio released, Balaji Shaktivel, Shankar, AR Rahman, directors, Balu Mahendra, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu tamil movie news, hot stills, picture, images, gallery tamil, movie, news, hot image, gallery, review, preview, Tamil trailers, Tamil videos, Tamil mp3, Tamil actress,Tamil actors, Tamil movies reviews,Tamil movie reviews,Tamil movie previews,Tamil songs, Tamil music, Tamil top 10, Tamil movie gallery,Tamil mp3,bakthi,Tamil films,latest Tamil movies,Shankar, Sivaji, Ameer, Yuvan Shankar Raja, Yogi, AR Rahman, Balu Mahendra, Mani ratnam, Balaji, Shaktivel, Bharathiraja, Lingusamy, Thangar Bachchan, Ameer, Radha Mohan, Simbhu Devan and Venkat Prabhu

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The true story of Czech born Oskar Schindler, a businessman who tried to make his fortune during the Second World War by exploiting cheap Jewish labour, but ended up penniless having saved over 1000 Polish Jews from almost certain death during the holocaust.



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"Saawariya" is a timeless story of two young star-crossed lovers whose passions almost consume their will to the brink of self-destruction. In this eternal tale of an ode to romance, stand two lonely souls whose childlike innocence and candour only obscures their inner turmoil, anger, anxiety and desperate wait for love.

An artist, a free spirit, an idealist and dreamer, Raj, is certain that he has found his ultimate dream when he arrives at a quaint picturesque town. A place surrounded by mountains, shrouded in mist and enveloped in beauty, mythical enough to be a painter’s vision or a poet’s memory.

However, destiny paints a different picture for Raj…
One silent bright and starry night, he spots a mysterious girl draped in black, standing alone at a bridge.

This chance encounter introduces him to Sakina, a shy and quiet, melancholic and enigmatic girl who continues to intrigue him. Thus follows the beginning of a new friendship, where Raj with his most charming ways and an undying spirit tries to win Sakina’s heart.
Raj is unable to accept her haunting past and their friendship pulls him into a whirlwind of desire, madness and romance.

Through Raj and Sakina’s journey together, we are reminded of the fragility of the human heart. In the couple’s anguish and test of faith, is revealed the power of unconditional love through a thousand layers of tumultuous emotions.
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English subtitles:
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Very rarely we come across realistic portrayals in Tamil cinema. Some filmmakers do deal with various shades of life but more often than not they indulge in diluting the reality in their pursuit to ensure commercial success. Some directors, however, achieved the rare combination of undiluted reality meeting with commercial success. Debutant director Vettrimaran’s ‘Polladhavan’ has all potential to become one such attempt.

The movie opens with a gruesome fight involving Dhanush. The movie revolves around a clash between a person belonging to mafia and an innocent lower middle class boy. The narrative moves on in a non linier manner with the two narrating the story from their respective angles. No, please don’t get it wrong. It is not Akira Kurosawa’s Roshoman like narrative where in you get different perceptions on a single event. In ‘Polladhavan’, the narration is shared by two characters.

Prabhu (Dhanush) who has just now brutally attacked three thugs with a sword comes out of the building and rests his wounded body on his beloved bike. He is now heading towards meeting his praise catch that is Ravi (Danial Balaji), the younger brother of all powerful mafia leader of North Chennai Selvam (Kishor Kumar). He recalls, for a moment, what that bike has brought to him before moving ahead for his hunt.

The flash back shows the happy-go-lucky boy longing for a Pulsar bike. It goes to show the life in a North Chennai street where life is quite difference from that of South Chennai. The boys are playing carom board on the street. Prabhu is sharing the pain of his failure to get what he loves most - a bike and a girl.

The narration shows the status of Prabhu’s family. The father is the breadwinner of the lower middle class family and the boy, a jobless graduate, is roaming around without responsibility. When caught red-handed for stealing pittance from his father for booze with his friends, Dhanush questions his father’s responsibility towards his upbringing.

The father feels humiliated and reacts sharply by arranging 70,000 rupees through his hard earned savings. He gives the money to his son and asks him to do something on his own.

The boy immediately gets one of wishes fulfilled. He gets a bike. His family is stunned. But Prabhu is determined to get a job, and fortunately he gets one with the help of his bike. He joins as a loan officer in a bank.

His other passion – to woo a girl (Divya Spandana) he meets in the bus stand for more than two years – too gets fulfilled. Prabhu is the happiest person on the earth. He has got a bike, got a girlfriend, and a decent job.

Everything gets terribly disturbed when everything seems to be well. There is another world beneath the surface. There is a mafia gang that deals with drug trafficking and various other anti social activities. Selvam is the leader of the all powerful gang.

The gang has its own complications. The younger brother Ravi of the leader is not happy with the way he is treated. He is full of jealous and anger on a gangster named ‘Out’ (Bhavan), who is the trusted lieutenant of Selvam. The leader is not supporting his brother doubting his talent. Ravi’s grudge against his brother and out grows stronger day by day.

Prabhu has a tryst with underworld when his bike gets stolen in a spot where a brutal murder takes place. Dhanush is shattered. He wants his bike back at any cost. Unfortunately, he gets to lock horns with the underworld criminals in his pursuit to find his bike. He gets into dangerous zone but his blind passion towards his bike pushes him forward. This put his and his family’s life in danger. His love is in danger. The inner conflict within the underworld makes his condition worse. He is in for trouble. Big trouble indeed.

Does he get back his bike and love? Could he save is family from the brutal gang?

Director Vettrimaran has come out with an engrossing and realistic experience on celluloid. Making films based on the lives of underworld is not new but making it with amazing reality is. Though the movie resembles Selvaraghavan’s ‘Puduppettai’, it maintains its individuality by sticking to a well crafted script and stylish execution.

Director and his team have done their home work neatly. They have captured the dialects, mannerisms, and life style of the underworld mafia group with precision. The film has also unearthed some hitherto unexplored areas like bike theft network. He has also illustrated the functions of a modern banking network well.

The characterization too is worth mentioning. Especially the character of Selvam. The nuances of father-son relationship too have been portrayed well. Well done Vettrimaran!

R. Velraj, the cameraman, deserves special mention. He has worked wonders in capturing the gruesome reality of the underworld. The lighting in various time spaces is wonderful. The picturisation of climax fight is outstanding.

As far as the script is concerned, the compactness is marred by two songs. One is the marriage song and another one is the item song. The love track too is weak.

Portraying an innocent, turning into a warrior is a cakewalk for Dhanush. He has done it in the past and does it here with amazing ease. He has credibly depicted the transformation within the character.

Daniel Balaji, Bhavan, and Kishor Kumar have brought the underworld with all its colors and shades with astonishing perfection. They all have lived up to the expectations of the director and have added credibility to the reality f the movie.

Though Divya doesn’t get any scope to act, she looks pretty and adds glamour to the fare. Her pleasant looks serve as balancing factor to the otherwise gruesome movie.

Karunas has rendered a commendable performance as an auto rickshaw driver, who helps Dhanush in his endeavors. His dialogue delivery and expressions are amazing. Santhanam, as usual, plays the friend of the hero and gives comical relief.

Murali and Bhanupriya as Dhanush’s parents have done their parts well. They together flawlessly portray a lower middle class family.

Young music director G.V. Prakash has done wonders. The songs, which are already rocking, are well picturised. The remix version of ‘Engeyum Eppothum’ stands out. One wonders how SPB has maintained the sweetness of his voice for so many years. Yogi B, the sensational Malaysian singer is a revelation. ‘Minnalgaley’ sung by Karthik and Bombay Jayashree is a soothing melody. The background score adds value to the entire proceedings.

The bottomline: ‘Polladavan’ is a clear winner with its reality, style, and performances. Though the violence, in some places, does make it a gruesome experience, the brutality reflected in the narrative has been justified by the script, as it attempts to show the life of ruthless underworld. Here the rules are different and so is the reality. The A certified film is strongly recommended for those who have stomach to digest some hard reality and gore violence. After all, we have seen more violence on some U certified movies as well.

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Butch & Sundance go out in a blaze of glory
Rudy is carted off the field in "'Rudy"
Michael gives Fredo the kiss of death
The boys the Dead Poet's Society seize the day
Maverick says farewell to Goose
William Wallace demands his FREEEDOM!
Michael plays Russian Roulette with Ricky in "The Deer Hunter"
E.T. reminds Eliot 'he'll be right here'
The Elephant Man proclaims he is 'not an ANIMAL'
Miller gives Private Ryan his final orders in 'Saving Private Ryan'
Ray plays catch with his old man in 'Field of Dreams'
USA 1, Soviet Union nil in 'Rocky IV'
Chuckie tells Will where it's at in 'Good Willing Hunting'
Mr. Smith collapses in 'Mr Smith goes to Washington'
Elias raises his hands to god in 'Platoon'
The silent understanding of brothers in Rain Man'
The lone hero returns in 'Star Wars'
Absolution meets innocence at the end of 'The Shawshank Redemption'
The dead birds in 'On the Waterfront'
The Mercy killing of McMurphy in 'One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest'
Ratso cradles a dying Joe Buck in 'Midnight Cowboy'
The death of the big man in 'Little Caesar'
'Gangs of New York' ends with a modern message
Doughboy takes his half-brother home in 'Boyz 'N the Hood'
Dorn takes on the Wild Thing in 'Major League'
How about when young, up and coming actor Barret Oliver cries near the climax of The NeverEnding Story when it appears that The Nothing has killed the brave yet nubile hunter, Atreyu?
I think thats something all us men still shed many a tear over it.
I know I sometimes wake up late at night shouting "Falkor". Hoping that white fuzzy space-dog will come flying into my dreams to save me from my nightmares.

Jareth, The Goblin King
I know I cant be the only guy who gets misty eyed when baby Toby goes missing from barely pubescent Jennifer Connelly's care at the beginning of the classic David Bowie epic, Labyrinth.
Sing along with me everyone..."Dance magic dance"

Skittles vs. Reese's Pieces
Ok, I see that E.T. made the list, which I can mostly agree with. But if we are strictly talking about tear jerkers, then I think we can all agree that the 1988 box office smash, Mac & Me is hands down far more emotional than E.T. ever was. Just the name alone makes the body shiver. Mac? "Mysterious Alien Creature". Wow! Comapred to "Extraterrestrial". No comparison. Plus any movie starring 1989 Young Artist Award Nominee Jade Calegory is far better than some mildly successful movie featuring an 8 yr old booze hound. Case closed.

Star Trek - The Wrath of Khan...after having saved the Enterprise from certain annihilation and poisoning himself with radiation in the process, Spock, in his last words raises his hand ( in the classic "V" )on the glass and says to Kirk "I have been and always will be your friend". Then he dies. If that doesn't "choke you up" nothing will!

The ending of Apollo 13 where we don't know if the returning capsule burned up in the atmosphere and everyone waits in silence for a radio signal or visual confimation of the pod. One of my favourites.

Dennis P
I guess I'm a bit of a romantic, but the scene at the end of Last of the Mohicans where the yound girl jumps off the cliff after her young brave is killed kind of moved me.....and the scene in Bridges of Madison County when Meryl Streep was gripping the door handle also affected me

Why bother adding comments when you never print the damn things anyway.
I wrote a very nice comment on million dollar baby but someone decided not to print it. Well reap your accolades on all THREE comments you recieved,

There are 4 men in my house (3 young adults and my husband).
The movies that gets to them everytime is "Saving Private Ryan" and "Life as a House". Two very different movies but both touch on relationships and the worth of one individual.

Back from Ireland
How could 'It's a Wonderful Life' not be there when all th epeople in the town help out poor George. When his daughter says that 'every time a bell rings, an Angel gets their wings'. And why just movies, nothing moves me more even when I think about it......2 episodes of MASH. The 1st when Radar comes in to say Henry Blake is dead and th eother when Hawkeye salutes Radar when he leaves then finds the teddy bear on his bunk. I'm getting teary eyed now just writing this.

How about:
Lou Gerhig/Gary Cooper at the end of The Pride of the Yankees.
Forget Rocky IV - the ending of Rocky always gets me - especially when the music swells and Adrianne makes her way through the crowd.

Daniel Lambert
old yeller gets shot

Uwe Warkholdt
Hey man suck it up. Sure there are things that get to us a little bit, but when it comes down to it you have to accept life as it is. Be a leader, be strong, where others fall you pick up the ball. That is your roll.

Don't whimp out.

The list is obviously flawed, because Jim Brown being gunned down as he sprints to drop grenades into rooftop ventilation pipes in "The Dirty Dozen" is missing. Maybe I'm just too old.

You guys forgot a big one... The Barbaric Invasions ("Les Invasions Barbares"). It was the first time I couldn't hold back the tears when watching a movie with friends (thankfully everyone else was balling their eyes out by that point). Fantastic movie though.

Hey Dennis P !
The Bridges of Madison County? The only time that movie should have affected you was at the end when you were shedding tears of joy because that steaming pile was finally over.

How has no one mentioned The Crying Game?
The title says it all.
Who else didn't cry/throw up a bit in their mouth when they saw "the scene".

The One and Only
Hey Po! What you and your friends do in the privacy of your own home, we don't wanna hear! Now, if you were merely bawling, that's another story...
How about when Freddy finally meets his demise at the hands of Jason? I wept like a nerdy schoolgirl waiting by the phone on a Friday night...

I've heard that Field of Dreams has men sobbing ..

Castaway.....Wilson floats away....end of story..(weird twitch to the eye, strange grimace on face..)

C'mon, be honest, what's the Wilson in your life???

Oh man this stuff will preach!!
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Hari, one of the best commercial directors in Tamil, has lived up to the expectations in 'Vel'. He has presented a racy film that provides a perfect entertainer. The movie has action, sentiment, and romance. The script, which is compact, is well complemented by the performances.

The two layered story unfolds nicely. The story opens with a family with a twin children losing one. The separated boys grow up in different environments. The one grows in Chennai becomes an officer (Vasudevan) in a private investigative agency and the other grows in Dindukkal becomes a typical rusty young man (Vetrivel).

The city bred Suriya charms RJ Asin through his professional ethics. Rusty Vel is engaged in the bloody tussle with Kalabhavan Mani, who has deep rooted enmity against the family. Vasu is full of brains and smile while Vel lives with sickle and dangerous duels.

Vasu’s mother (Saranya) could not forget her lost son. She is longing to bring him back to her home. But she couldn’t find his whereabouts. The family, in which Vel lives, is so affectionate with him. Especially the grand mother (Lakshmi) is emotionally dependent on him.

RJ Asin accidentally finds Vel and informs Vasu. Vasu goes to the village and meets his brother. The family refuses to send Vel to his original family. Vasu, understanding their unadulterated affection towards Vel, agrees to give up his claim.

But he has one request. Vel should go to Chennai pretending as Vasu and live with his mother. Vasu in turn would act as Vel in the village. Vel accepts.

Vasu continues Vel’s struggle against powerful Kalabhavan Mani but with a different approach. Vasu uses his brain and investigating network instead of muscle power. The rules of the game changes, and Mani finds himself cornered.

The movie goes on narrating fierce fight and sentimental drama between the two families over Vel.

Director Hari is known for his compact script and smart execution. Though he has proven his caliber in a few films life 'Samy', 'Vel' is easily his best film. It showcases his ability to create a racy entertainer. He has treaded in a safe path to make a commercially viable film by choosing a routine theme based on sentiment and action. But the treatment he has given to the story is commendable. You cannot single out a scene that is boring or redundant.

He has conceived and executed the action and romantic sequences equally well. The pace is ensured from the word go. The two dimensional climax – action and sentiment – is quite appealing.

For Suriya, the roles are not as challenging as the ones in 'Pithamagan', 'Gajini' or 'Perazhagan'. He gets routine roles but his handling makes them look special. He breathes fire as 'Vel' and spreads charm as Vasu. Though there is no much difference in the get ups, he has differentiated both roles by his body language and dialogue delivery. His action in emotional sequences is touching. His on screen chemistry with Asin clicks once again.

Asin doesn’t have much to perform but she does have her moments. The initial roles showcase her magical charm. She has handled her role with amazing ease and brilliance. She shows her caliber when she looks at her lover in the village house with admiration and love.

Kalabhavan Mani, as villain with comical traits, rocks. The man adds life to the proceedings by his inimitable style. Vadivelu’s comedy is simply amazing. The man is definitely one of the major assets of the film.

Saranya and Lakshmi do their parts well. Raj Kapoor as the uncle of Vel and Charlie as Vasu’s friend are competent.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music is soothing to the ears. The songs sequences, however, are not among the pluses of the movie. In fact, songs do weaken the pace of the movie.

The bottomline: 'Vel' rocks with racy script and powerful performances. Surefire entertainer to brighten up the festival season.

Director: Hari

Producer: M. Chinthamani

Cast: Surya Sivakumar, Asin Thottumkal, Vadivelu, Aishwarya,

Kalabhavan Mani, Nassar, Charan Raj, Lakshmi, Saranya

Raj Kapoor, Charlie

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

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‘Azhagiya Tamil Magan’ banks heavily on Vijay’s charm and performance. The Ilaya Thalapathy has lived up to the challenge created by the huge success of ‘Pokkiri’. He looks stylish and handsome. He lights up the screen by his dynamic performance.

Director Bharathan has exploited Vijay’s strengths well. He has provided a perfect entertainer for Vijay fans by giving ample chance, including dual role, to Vijay to come up with a stylish, action packed, romantic heroism.

Vijay plays both hero and villain. The first half is filled with romance and a mystery surrounding Vijay’s Extra Sensory Perception (ESP), while the second half is dominated by the tug of war between the two Vijays.

Let us first look at the storyline. Guru (Vijay) is an athlete and business management student. Abhinaya (Shreya) is the daughter of a business baron (Ashish Vidyarthi). They meet and, what else, fall in love.

The movie goes on to show how the lovers manage to get the permission of the parents. In the meantime, you get to see a different dimension in the tale while the romantic drama is unfolding. Vijay visualizes some bizarre scenes inside his mind. The scenes are disturbing and worse, they become true in the real life.

A psychiatrist (played by Dr. Rudran, a professional psychiatrist) confirms that it is ESP power and says that the imageries visualized by Guru would actually happen sooner or later. Unfortunately Guru visualizes another scene which he would never like to see happening. Sensing a danger to his sweetheart, he runs away to Mumbai from her to save her.

In Mumbai he stumbles upon a person, who looks alike himself. This gives him a different meaning of the horrible incident visualized by him. Before catching the man, played by Vijay again, Guru gets into an accident and the new man moves to Chennai where he is mistaken as Guru.

Stylish and care free Prasad, the look alike Guru, is a greedy person, who would do anything to earn money and enjoy life. Abinaya mistakes him for Guru and gets him to her house. Sensing his strength, Prasad decides to act as Guru and marry the rich Abhi.

The real Guru comes back and tells everyone the truth. But no one is ready to believe him, as he is outplayed by the wicked Prasad in each and every move. Finally the truth prevails but not before the tensed battle between the two with lot of twists and actions.

Before going in to details we must say that ESP is not a proven scientific fact and hence the director putting it as a matter of fact is unacceptable. We could have digested it if the director had presented it in a different manner without pretending to be scientific.

Coming back to the script, the director has come up with a new idea in form of ESP to provide twist in the tale. Though the idea of double role is not new, Bharathan had made the tough of war between the two interesting by conceiving a few interesting sequences.

The first half however, is dragging too much to the comfort of the audience. The efforts to convince the father and mother, one by one, play as speed breakers. The way the girl falls for the hero lacks imagination. The ESP imageries and Vijay fighting with Vijay have been executed well.

The director has done well in presenting Vijay - the USP of the film. The hero looks handsome, and stylish. The second Vijay in particular, is simply awesome in his styles. Vijay has presented a virtual treat for his fans by his mannerisms, actions, voice modulations, and body language.

Shreya, arguably possessing the most stunning and sexy figure among today’s heroines is simply ravishing. She and the director, of course, pretty well know that acting is not her forte and hence bank on her USP, which is her curvaceous body, to make the proceedings, especially the songs attractive. Namitha is effectively used for a scintillating song.

Santhanam as Guru’s friend doesn’t go overboard and provides some comical relief. Good performers like Sayaji Shinde and Ashish Vidyarthi are wasted in insignificant roles.

A.R. Rahman’s music is outstanding. In fact that songs sound better when heard – and seen – in the movie. ‘Maduraiku Pokaathey’ and ‘Valaiyapatti’ are quite attractive. The remix version is more convincing when seen in the context. The background score is effective in the scenes when Guru gets ESP images.

Balasubramaniam’s camera work is spectacular, especially in song sequences. The scenic beauty of Phuket Island and other locations are amazingly captured. Larencce has made wonders in choreographing. Vijay’s dancing movements are quite stylish. Overall, ‘Azhagiya Tamil Magan’ has nothing new to offer but the movie definitely entertains.

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VideoCodec : XVID
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VideoFrameRate : 29.970fps
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AudioCodec : MP3
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AudioSampleRate : 48000

Mr. Smith is waiting for a bus when a pregnant woman runs by, chased by a group of thugs. Smith kills them and delivers the baby, but the mother is killed. Chased by the evil Mr. Hertz and an army of goons, Smith enlists DQ, a lactating prostitute, to help him care for the baby.

After a series of gun fights, Smith discovers the truth. A Democratic presidential candidate and supporter of draconian gun control measures is dying, but had several supporters impregnanted from his sperm so he could harvest the children. The women were killed by Mr. Hertz who was working for a wealthy firearms executive. However, Mr. Hertz and the Democratic politican cut a deal to work together. Smith kills every one of them personally, and in the end he reunites with DQ and the baby to start a new family.
CD 1:.

CD 2:.
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